Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Local Self-Government: Approaches and Strategies for Sustainable Education




sustainable development, goals, local self-government, sustainable education, pathways, strategies


Sustainable development is a hot topic of current research, but there are deficiencies in sustainable development measures and need to be further studied.This study explores the approaches and strategies of sustainable development goals and local autonomy in realizing sustainable education. Through questionnaire survey and regression analysis, two hypotheses were proposed.Hypothesis 1: There is a correlation between the ability of local autonomy to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs; Hypothesis 2: There is a positive correlation between sustainable education approaches that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs; Hypothesis 3: Sustainable education methods and strategies are mediating factors for sustainable development, and the relationship between local autonomy and sustainable development is enhanced.The results show that SDG and local autonomy have a significant positive impact on sustainable development, and the control variables such as education investment, local economic development, educated population, and teachers are the main influencing factors. Among them, assumptions 1 and 2 have a greater degree of impact, and hypothesis 3 has the least degree of impact. Therefore, local governments should strengthen self-governance and propose sustainable education strategies to promote sustainable development.


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