Introducing Software Solutions into the Management of Public Enterprises Whose Founders are Local Self-Government Units in the Example of the Republic of Serbia


  • Miloš Dragosavac Modern Business School
  • Slavica Anđelić Modern Business School
  • Ognjen Bakmaz The College for Business and Management Studies East Sarajevo - Sokolac
  • Milan Radaković Union Nikola Tesla University Belgrade, Faculty of Sports Belgrade
  • Ivan Arnautović High School of Entrepreneurship
  • Tatjana Davidov Modern Business School
  • Sanda Nastić Faculty of Economics and Industrial Management Novi Sad
  • Slobodan Popović Faculty of Economics and Industrial Management u Novom Sadu



software, management, public companies


The purpose of this work was to analyze the importance of implementing software solutions in public enterprises whose founders are local self-government units in the Republic of Serbia. The author's focus was on identifying problems in the real functioning of public companies, as well as establishing comparative links between self-introduced software and software purchased from third parties. The study was based on the analysis of the software implementation process. The usefulness of the study was reflected in the study of the evaluation of the top management of the mentioned public companies, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the possibility of comparing the results of the evaluation with the results of the management of local self-government units was left. The urgency of the research study is based on the existence of major global changes in the IT sector. Our contribution is pointing to the fact that the total income of a public company can be predicted based on the evaluated and analyzed factors of influence on the introduction of software in the regular business processes of public companies.


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