Local Self-government in European Countries: General Characteristics, Comparison and Ukrainian Realities


  • Andrii M. Blahodarnyi Academy of Security Service of Ukraine, Department of General Law Disciplines
  • Olha O. Barabash Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Department of General Law Disciplines
  • Andrii V. Honcharov Donetsk Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Department of General Law Discipline
  • Mykola V. Honcharov University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, Department of Theory, History of Law and State and Constitutional Law
  • Volodymyr A. Shatilo National Transport University, Faculty of Economics and Law, Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law




local self-government, local authorities, central government, local self-government development


This article is written to provide a general overview of the concept and principles of local self-government, in particular its role in the context of interaction with the central government. In addition, the article analyzes the features of local self-government in three EU member states and Ukraine. The leading scientific method used in the study is the formal-legal method, which allows the author to trace the relationship between the internal content and external expression (form) of state-legal phenomena and institutions. The author also seeks to apply the best European practices of local self-government to Ukraine.


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