Innovation in Public Services: The Case of Moroccan Government


  • Hanane Benaddi University Ibn Toufail, Faculty of Sciences, Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Algebra and Geometry Laboratory
  • Yaâcoub Hannad Mohammed V University, Faculty of educational sciences
  • Elyoussfi El Kettani University Ibn Toufail, Faculty of Sciences, Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Algebra and Geometry Laboratory, Department of Information Modelling and Communication Systems
  • Mohamed Askour Ministry of Administration Reform and Public service



public service, new public management, public value, business model, 5W1H, Moroccan government


Public service innovation and New public Management’ are two domains of research that have been developed independently. However, they share a common concept that is ‘Public service’. To improve the efficiency of public services, understanding the public value delivered to citizens is essential. Business model innovation allows evaluating the value created for consumers and pinpoint exactly citizen’s needs and expectations. This paper presents a new approach to innovate public services and identify opportunities to enhance public service delivery. The 5W1H business model allows to analyze public services, how are they created, who are their consumers, when and where are they provided and what public value are delivered. We support our argument with findings from a study conducted by the Moroccan Ministry of Administration and Public Service Reform. The results indicate that the classification of public services according to the public value is a baseline for improving the process of their delivery and the need for serious reflection to strengthen the digital transformation of administrative procedures.


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