Entrepreneurial Activities Performed by Local Governments in Poland – The Context of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Concept


  • Anna Mempel-Śnieżyk Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Department of Spatial Economy and Local Government Administration
  • Niki Derlukiewicz Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, Department of Macroeconomics
  • Tomasz Pilewicz SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Environment Unit, Institute of Enterprise
  • Małgorzata Godlewska SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Department of Administrative and Corporate Finance Law




entrepreneurial ecosystem, local government, entrepreneurship, local government’s tasks, institutional support, Poland


The paper explores the activities offered by local governments in the entrepreneurial ecosystem concept perspective. This paper aims to determine the role of the local governments’ assistance in the dependencies between institutions supporting entrepreneurship and new enterprises. The activities, such as (i) intentional activities, (ii) favourable conditions for the local entrepreneurial environment, and (iii) the local governments’ relations with local entrepreneurs have been distinguished. To confirm the theoretically assumed three-factor structure, confirmatory factor analysis was performed. In the course of the study, the Spearman’s correlation and structural modelling methods were applied. The results showed the relation between the local governments’ activities and the entrepreneurship indicators at the local level. Additionally, the impact of the institutions supporting entrepreneurship on the number of newly registered entities, with a mediating role of favourable conditions for the local entrepreneurial environment and the local governments’ relations with local entrepreneurs, was presented.


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